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Have You Been Charged With a Violent Crime

Violent crimes are some of the most serious charges that an individual can be faced with today, so it is wise to get the best legal counsel you are able to. The seriousness of the criminal charge may play into your decision to hire a defense lawyer or not, so it is important to truly understand just how serious any violent crime charge can be.

The Violent Crime List

The list of violent crimes can include anything from threats of violence up to murder. Some of the most common violent crime charges today include murder, manslaughter, stalking, kidnapping, rape, battery, and domestic violence. Various other crimes can be violent crimes as well, and any violent crime charge can be extremely serious.

The Violent Crime Laws in Your State

The violent crime laws in your state will be different from those even the next state over. Further, state laws are continually being revised and updated, and this is the type of information that only attorneys and judges will typically possess. One of the reasons it is so essential to have a defense attorney that specializes in violent crime is that your lawyer has such intimate knowledge of all state and federal legal statutes that pertain to your case. No matter what the violent crime charge that you are facing may be, a strong defense can be crafted. However, only an attorney with experience in this specific area is truly well prepared to determine the proper defense with the highest proven success rate in similar situations.

The Public Defender Option

When people are unable to provide for their own legal defense, they can elect to have a public defender appointed for them. While the public defender will technically be the attorney of record and will be defending you in your violent crime case, you should generally expect to get what you paid for: Nothing. The public defender, while undoubtedly a hard working person that juggles hundreds of cases and works countless hours, will be unlikely to meet you more than one time before your trial. The many cases that they must work with allow very little time for any individual case, and this means that your defense will be quickly constructed with a minimal level of planning. Considering that you are potentially facing years or decades in prison if you have a poor defense, it is clear that hiring your own attorney that specializes in violent crimes is the most prudent option.

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