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Questions To Ask Your Defense Attorney

There are a number of questions you should plan to ask your criminal defense attorney when you need one to protect you in a court of law. Criminal defense attorneys specialize in different areas of criminal defense and can provide some services better than others based on their knowledge, experience and expertise. A number of important questions to ask them are listed below; so that you can be sure you are getting the right lawyer for your specific case.

Will they be handling your case and appearing with you in court or will that be someone else?

There are a lot of lawyers at a criminal defense law firm and they represent a lot of clients. Sometimes the lawyers you will work with directly won’t be the ones representing you the day of the actual trial. There is no reason not to meet this lawyer and this is who you should be dealing with directly, so make sure that is the case.

What type of experience does your criminal defense attorney have?

This is critical to ask, as it will ensure you feel comfortable with them representing you and protecting you during the trial. A good criminal defender needs a number of years of experience and a solid record winning cases or at least getting good deals for their clients. Make sure you ask this and get some sort of proof showing that this attorney has a history of success, as they are the ones who will be protecting your freedom.

Are they good with your type of case?

A defense attorney can be one of the best lawyers in the city, but if they don’t have experience handling your specific type of case, there can serious problems over the course of the trial. Make sure the defense attorney you are interviewing has done these cases numerous times in the past and had success doing them.

What is their strategy?

Have the defense attorney lay out the strategy to get you off the hook and how they plan on winning. They need to really prove to you they have a plan that they believe will work and you need to have confidence in this plan. They should also provide a number of different outcomes for you as they see it, based on if different aspects of this legal strategy succeeds or fails.

What is the fee structure?

Figure out how much they cost, how they get paid and when they get paid. Lawyers are expensive so it’s important to know what their services will cost you for defending your freedom.

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