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Charged With Any Type of Driving Offense

Driving offenses range from minor infractions all the way to felonies. Lesser offenses might cause your insurance to go up temporarily, while more serious offenses seriously impact your ability to drive. It's a good probability that you'll want a defense lawyer in the event you had a DUI, but it might not be a bad idea to get one for once that aren't so serious.

Minor tickets are just that -- minor. They don't have much of an impact on your life or driver’s license apart from a temporary hiccup in having to take a driver's education class or paying a fine. But, there are some tickets that, no matter how insignificant they are, you don't want going on your record. There could be any number of reasons for this, such as one too many tickets, don't want your insurance to go up, and so on. Your best option in this situation is to retain a lawyer who deals in this kind of traffic law, and can work on neutralizing your ticket. It may be that the cost of the lawyer exceeds the cost of the ticket, but it can wind up being worth the cost in the long run.

More serious driving offenses practically require retaining a lawyer. Certain kinds of speeding tickets and DUIs are considered felonies. Speeding tickets can come with high fines, and can severely impact your driving privileges along with your cost of insurance. In this situation, the lawyer can try to negotiate the charges to a lesser plea and minimize the impact. Getting a DUI is even more serious. Depending on the circumstances behind the DUI, it could include jail time, and most definitely includes license suspension along with fines and other punishments.

When it comes to a DUI, you cannot rely on the mercy of the courts to take it easy on you. There is no slack given to someone who has no representation in DUI court. The prosecution goes for the harshest punishment possible even if it's the first time you have gotten a DUI. If you don't have a lawyer to provide a defense for you, you'll wind up with a serious punishment. You want a DUI defense lawyer because you get what you need: a defense. The lawyer finds weaknesses in the case, or finds mitigating circumstances that can reduce the impact of the DUI upon your life.

Driving offenses make life difficult, but you can minimize their impact on your life by working with a lawyer. Always make sure to consult with a lawyer first in order to learn about how the lawyer would handle your ticket in court.

If you Have Been Charged with Any Type of Driving Offense: Contact Your Local Criminal Defense Lawyer.