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Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a big phrase with big ramifications, whether you are the perpetrator or the victim. It is a crime most people are truly uncomfortable with because the thought of violence within the home puts them on edge. Most people think of their home as the place they can relax and be safe from the outside world and all the dangers connected with that world. However, when you find yourself in danger within your home, which is a whole different story.

Violence in any form is never something to be proud of, yet so many of us experience it or know someone who has. Women are outnumbered when it comes to being victims and many of them suffer some sort of domestic violence at the hands of their husband or boyfriend. A large number of women are afraid to report the crime for fear of retaliation from their spouse or partner. Many women are afraid to leave the home because of threats of harm to themselves and/or their children. Therefore, they suffer the abuse in silence, whether physical or mental, because of fear. That type of thinking has to stop if this problem is ever to be resolved and dealt with as any other crime.

Women have to realize that leaving a home where they feel unsafe is the true test of courage and help is available to them. Removing children from a home when violence exists and they can witness it firsthand only adds to the problem. When police answer a call dealing with domestic violence, many times they can provide a woman with information on nearby shelters and other helpful resources. The woman may be reluctant to go to a shelter at first, but the alternative of staying in a home where she her life and the lives of her children are at risk is never a good idea.

If the situation gets to the point where the partner goes to jail, even temporarily, this gives a woman needed time to assess the situation and figure out the right move to make. She may feel as if her whole world is caving in on her and that could very well be. But the critical thing here is to make sure her children are protected, as well as herself. Once she is in a safe place with no fear of repeat violence, she can start to make decisions for a better future for herself and her children.

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