What to Ask A Criminal Defense Lawyer 1 of 2

Your future can be decided by what happens in your criminal case, so it’s important to work with a lawyer that understands the laws in your state and can work in your best interest for the case.

How Many Jury Trails Have They Been In?

You want a lawyer that is familiar with the trial process and isn’t afraid to go to trail if it’s needed. Many lawyers aren’t very comfortable with the trial process and will settle the case a different way to avoid a trial, even if it isn’t best for the client. A criminal defense lawyer that has handled 40 to 50 trials is a good option.

Are They a Criminal Law Specialist?

You want to make sure you can ask criminal defense lawyer about his or her criminal experience, but also find out if he or she is a certified criminal law specialist in their state as well.

Is the Practice Devoted to Criminal Law?

Find out how much of the practice is devoted to criminal law. A good criminal law specialist will have at least 50 percent of their practice devoted to criminal law. A lawyer that just practices criminal law once in a while will probably not be the best fit for you.

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