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What an Atlanta Defense Lawyer Will Do For You

When you find yourself facing criminal charges or being sued, you need to take action immediately. In this case, that means finding yourself the most competent, experienced defense lawyer in Atlanta has to offer.

What can an attorney do for me?

Depending on whether you are facing criminal charges or are involved in a lawsuit, an attorney can navigate the often confusing court system.

They can negotiate deals with prosecuting attorneys to reduce or eliminate jail time. The attorney can also get charges dropped or reduced. In the event you must do jail time, an attorney can make alternate arrangements for your sentence. Georgia has made sweeping changes after a 2009 study showed 1 in 13 state residents were under criminal supervision (jail, probation, etc.). These changes may work to your benefit.

It is important to note that prosecutors, in most cases, will not deal with a defendant who chooses to represent themselves. So having an Atlanta defense lawyer by your side is in your best interests. You can research and choose your Atlanta defense lawyer availability by checking referral sources or on the advice of friends or family.

For people who received notice that they are being sued, an attorney can handle the response to the courts and file all paperwork. They act as your representatives in court proceedings and sometimes may be able to actually appear on your behalf. Again, as in criminal proceedings, they play the role of a negotiator, this time regarding settlement amounts and possible avoidance of a court appearance.

How much will all this cost me?

Total amounts will vary, but you will need to pay a retainer fee and cover administrative and court costs. Payments will normally be due at intervals throughout your case. You may be required to pay for investigators and expert witnesses. The process can get expensive, and the financial end of this will be addressed by your defense lawyer in Atlanta at the consultation.

In either of these cases, retaining an attorney must be a priority. For criminal cases, you need to have representation, for your own protection, prior to speaking with any law enforcement officials. And in the instances of lawsuits, there is paperwork that is required to be submitted to the courts and that paperwork comes with a deadline.

Finding an attorney is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. It can have long lasting implications on your future.

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