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Violent Crime Defense Attorney

Violent crimes can carry harsh penalties. Hiring a good violent crime defense attorney is important, especially if you do not know how to navigate the judicial system. Violent crimes include domestic abuse, sexual assault, assault and battery, homicide and any other activity that constitutes the harming of another person or their property.

Each type of violent crime carries specific penalties when it comes to jail time, restitution, court costs, probation and parole. In some cases, when guilt has been proven without any doubt, capital punishment may be suggested, and diligently pursued by the prosecution. A violent crime defense attorney who has experience with this type of case may be able to get a person's sentence reduced to life without the possibility of parole instead.

No matter if it's a person's first offense or their fifth, judges look at violent crimes in a much different light than other types of offenses. Most will look to the evidence to determine if the crime was intentionally committed or if it the resulting violence was caused by an impassioned reaction on behalf of the offender. An effective violent crime defense attorney will be able to share their clients' perspective with the court and help them to understand what caused them to react the way they did.

In situations where little evidence is to be found that supports the prosecutions' case, an effective criminal defense attorney will be able to explain to the jury that circumstantial evidence does not determine guilt. For guilty charge to be upheld, the evidence presented in the court room must be factual. Evidence can take the form of witness testimony, video tapes or actual evidence found at the crime scene or on the defendant at the time of their arrest. Evidence may also be found during searches of the defendant's and victim's property.

A good attorney will be able to advise their clients of their rights and make sure that those rights are respected during interviews with law enforcement officers as well as when searches are being performed. They will be able to check the validity of witnesses' statements and question the possible legality of search and seizure operation that will have a negative impact on their client.

Hiring an effective criminal defense attorney is the key to having a good defense or a bad one. Choosing an attorney that takes the time to make each case they take a priority will be the difference in what type of sentence a person receives.