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The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

The best criminal defense lawyer for your particular case is based on a number of different aspects. When you are accused of a crime and are put on trial for it, a criminal defense attorney is your representative who will protect your freedom and your rights during the entire legal process, which can be long, complicated, daunting and exhausting. With this in mind, certain qualifications and qualities should be focused on when trying to choose the best criminal defense lawyer possible. These are listed below.


A criminal defense lawyer with a lot of experience is arguably the most important aspect of making this important decision. You want an attorney who has had numerous trials under their belt and has negotiated a number of plea bargains. You also want a criminal defense attorney who has worked cases that are similar to yours over the course of their career, so they know how to work the system and build the proper defense. For example, if you are trial for embezzling money from a company, you probably don't want an attorney who has made a career out of defending people who have been accused of murder. And vice versa.

Track Record

You also want an attorney who has a winning track record, in and out of the court room. The best criminal defense lawyer out there will have won a lot more cases than they have lost, which makes perfect sense. But it's important to look at how they won and which cases they won. If the cases they have won on a regular basis weren't terribly difficult to win, then a more complicated case may be difficult for them. However, if they have gotten clients acquitted when there was a lot of evidence against them, then that is a testament to the criminal defense attorney's skill.

Due Diligence

When you meet and talk to this criminal defense attorney you may want to hire, it's important to discuss how they plan on handling the case. The questions you ask them will help you to see how savvy they are and what their plan is for defending your rights and freedom during the course of the legal proceedings. If there are any doubts in your mind as to whether the criminal defense lawyer can do a good job for you, follow your gut and talk to a few other attorneys. It's worth it for your freedom and your future.