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Getting arrested is something that no one wants to experience, yet it does happen to even the best. Now you're looking at a court date for the offense, and possible penalties, and probably asking "what next?" Your next action should be one of contacting a San Diego defense lawyer for help with your situation, and as quickly as possible.

Talking to a lawyer about your situation gives you access to someone who can provide invaluable help. The lawyer sits down with you, goes over what happened, explains what can happen in court, and how your charges can affect you if you were to go without representation. From there, he explains how he can be of help for your case, how he'll craft a defense, and interview any witnesses if it's necessary. From there, you make the decision to retain him or to keep talking to other lawyers before you are comfortable with one. But, you can't wait; you need to act fast.

Even though you have been arrested, you may not be actually charged with a crime just yet. The attorney's office isn't always in a rush to get the charges filed, which gives you a window of opportunity to get the case negotiated before it goes to court. However, this is a job that is best suited for a San Diego defense lawyer because of his familiarity with the court and those who work within it. It may be possible to get the charges reduced before it moves forward into court.

In the event that a San Diego defense lawyer is unable to get the charges taken down to a degree that satisfies all involved, he can move it into regular court. At this stage, he advises if you should go with a bench trial (with a judge hearing the case) or with a jury trial. Sometimes, it's best to take a chance on the judge as opposed to letting a panel decide your fate. After the decision of how to proceed is made, the court date is set, and your attorney goes about creating your defense.

Having a defense is a constitutional right. In fact, the burden of proof is on the state as opposed to the accused. A defense lawyer's job is to poke holes in the prosecution's case and render it ineffective against you. There are many ways in which a lawyer can create an effective defense on your behalf, and prevent the book from being thrown at you. The goal is to get you cleared of your charges as much as possible, allowing you to move on from your mistake without a heavy punishment.

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