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Questions To Ask Your San Jose Defense Lawyer

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Questions To Ask Your San Jose Defense Lawyer

How long have you practiced criminal law?

This question is very important to ask your San Jose defense lawyer, as your future can lie in their hands. Research shows that it takes a minimum of 10 years experience to become an expert in a field of law. Ten years is also a rule of thumb for practicing in the same area you are attending court so that the judge knows the attorney well.

How many jury trials have you been engaged in?
Choosing the best lawyer for your situation includes using a lawyer that is noÂÂt timid when it comes to going to trial rather than taking a plea bargain. An attorney that has had at least 40 or 50 jury trials is your best bet to find one that is confidant in their abilities to get you the least punishment possible.

Are you a certified criminal law specialist?
Ask your San Jose defense lawyer if they are certified by the State Bar as a criminal law specialist. If they have this certification, they have proven their proficiency in the exact area of criminal and defense law and will serve you best in your case.

What type of experience do you have?
Many attorneys will open a private practice after they graduate from law school and begin practicing law immediately. This bypasses the experience that they can gain from first working for a District Attorney or Public Defender to gain experience. A San Jose defense lawyer who has this experience spends time daily in court and gains invaluable experience with all types of crimes and criminal matters.

Who will handle my case?
Most law firms have several lawyers that all work together. If you find an experienced lawyer, make certain that he or she will handle your case and not assign a lesser experienced lawyer to you.

What is the expected outcome of my case?
Your San Jose defense lawyer should be able to suggest more than one outcome that they expect from your case. No attorney can guarantee any particular outcome to a client. The best lawyer is one who goes over all possible outcomes for your case including the negative ones that a judge may order.

How much do you charge?
It is important to pay for the lawyerÂÂs experience level in criminal defense cases. Attorneys with little experience may charge a much lower rate or intend to make a plea bargain immediately without exploring motions, which could be in your best interest.