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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney is one of the best decisions you can make if you are charged with a crime. In fact, you should contact an attorney even long before you are charged with any crimes. If you feel you have been questioned or are under suspicion, it is best to have an attorney by your side through it. Why is this such an important decision and need?

Making the Wrong Statement

One of the biggest reasons to hire a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney is to safeguard your innocence. Even if you feel there is nothing to worry about because you didn't commit a crime, it is possible you'll say the wrong thing to incriminate yourself. Unfortunately, even the most well intention police officers can force individuals into admitting what they did not do.

Additionally, a criminal defense lawyer can help to ensure you are treated properly, no matter if you are guilty or innocent. With the help of these professionals, you can be sure the police, judge, and court will hear your side of the story completely.

In a Court of Law

If you know you are guilty, you still need to have this type of attorney by your side. He or she may be unable to prove your innocence, but it may be possible to get your charges reduced or to reduce the amount of time you spend in jail. A reduction in your punishment, including in fines, is sometimes possible. The ultimate goal of these attorneys is to help you to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Navigating the System

For many people, criminal charges are not only shocking, but they are hard to overcome. How did this happen? What should you do? With the help of an experienced, successful Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, you have the ability to prove your case and to know what steps to take to do so. Often times, individuals find themselves overwhelmed with knowing what their options really are. With a frank, seasoned attorney to point it out, though, you can be sure you are making the best decisions.

The key reason to hire a defense attorney is for your protection. You cannot rely on an overworked court-appointed attorney to have the time to help you to get through your situation. You need someone that is dedicated to you and your case. Hiring your own attorney ensures you get the best legal representation possible in a court of law, no matter if you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges.