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New York Criminal Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense is serious business. Finding a New York criminal attorney who can adequately represent you is important if you want to have a decent chance at winning your case. Not only will your attorney be handling your case, he or she will be in control of several aspects of your future.

A qualified New York criminal attorney will make your case a priority by communicating with you on a regular basis and making sure every deadline is met. They will make you aware of any changes in your case and give you the best legal advice for the situation you have found yourself in. Your attorney will answer any questions you may have and will make sure you understand, not only the charges levied against you, but also what penalties they may carry.

A good attorney will be able to work with law enforcement agencies and conduct their own investigation as to what happened and why you were charged. They will conduct interviews and obtain any necessary documents that are needed to help build your case. By using past cases, they can discover sections of the law that may be able to benefit you and your particular case.

An effective New York criminal attorney that has adequate court room experience can use many things to your advantage. Representing yourself in a court of law is dangerous if you do not understand how the judicial system works. Missing a deadline or a court appearance will not bode well for your case and could add an extended amount of jail time to an already lengthy sentence.

If it is your first criminal offense, a reputable attorney can possibly get felony charges reduced down to a misdemeanor. This would mean less jail time and possibly, timed served with probation. An effective attorney may also be able to negotiate a plea agreement for first time offenders that results in no jail time at all, with time served and the payment of court costs and any fines that may be attached.

Hiring an attorney who will sit down with you and discuss your charges and their associated penalties, is important if you want to have the best representation possible. Attorneys who take the time to discuss your options with you and give you sound legal advice are well worth the money you must pay to hire them.