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Getting charged with a crime, especially in a large city like Chicago, can be overwhelming. The following information explains when and why you would need a defense lawyer.

Charged With a Violent Crime

These are serious charges that can have negative consequences on your life for years to come. Most people, including employers and landlords, view violent crime differently from most other crimes an individual can be arrested for. Violent crimes are more aggressively prosecuted and punished than other crimes.

Charged With Drug Possession

While a few drug charges are considered misdemeanors, many are automatic felonies and carry stiff jail terms. Those who are convicted of drug charges are ineligible for federal student aid or grants for at least a year after the conviction.

Charged With a Federal Crime

Federal crimes can include illegal immigration, certain drug charges, gun charges, and even various white collar crimes that include fraud. There is a high conviction rate for federal crimes and punishments can be severe. It's imperative to find an aggressive, experienced attorney to handle your case in these situations.

Charged With Any Felony

Even if the attorney can't get the charges dropped or clear you of all charges, he or she may be able to negotiate for a lesser charge. Getting a charge downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor will make a huge difference in an individual's life. A felony may disqualify an individual from owning a firearm or even from voting.

Potential Jail Time

If there is a possibility of jail or prison time it's almost always in a person's best interest to obtain a defense lawyer. A good defense lawyer will understand federal and state statutes and various court interpretations regarding those statutes. A good defense lawyer will also know how to do legal research and hire private investigators when necessary. An excellent lawyer will understand all the local customs and procedures within the Chicago courts that aren't written down anywhere.

For these reasons, if charged with a crime in Chicago it's often best to hire a local attorney who understands how the system works and knows the individuals working within that system. But before hiring a lawyer ask yourself, does my local Chicago defense lawyer have a proven track record in the area that I'm charged? Does my local Chicago defense lawyer have specific experience in the area that I'm charged? When the case is over you'll likely say, if I didn't have my local Chicago defense lawyer things would have turned out a lot differently.

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