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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

If you've been accused of a crime in the city of Los Angeles then you will need a criminal defense attorney to defend you over the course of the legal process, which can be a very long, arduous and confusing process. When looking for a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to represent and defend you successfully, it's important to look for a number of different qualities. The most important of these are listed below, to help you narrow down the best possible options with the plethora of attorneys who live in the Southern California area.

Criminal Defense History

Has the Los Angeles criminal defense attorney had a long career in criminal defense? The ideal lawyer for someone has had a lot of experience in the courtroom, trying cases similar to yours. So a murder lawyer isn't necessarily the best attorney to defend someone who has been accused of auto theft and vice versa. There are many different aspects to each type of criminal case and you want your defense attorney to be well versed in these and had the experience in court room trying these types of cases.

How long have they been practicing law in Los Angeles?

A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will learn the way the system works in Southern California over time. The legal system is the same all over the United States, but different states and jurisdictions have different ways of doing things and operate at different speeds. These little differences can sometimes be critical to a person's case and you want your defense attorney to know all of these. Therefore, the longer a defense attorney has been practicing law in Los Angeles, the better, as they will know the ins and outs to the system in Southern California, as well as have connections within the Los Angeles legal system that could be helpful in the long run.

What is their record?

Obviously you want the defense attorney you hire to have a quality track record with past clients. You definitely want them to have a winning record, but knowing which cases they have won and lost is also important, as some cases could have been very easy while others may have been more difficult. The latter is the real testament to the criminal defense attorney's skills in the courtroom, as winning a challenging case with a lot of evidence against a client is a lot more difficult than winning one that is a slam dunk. If you dig into this type of information about past cases, it will tell you a lot about the attorney you may want to hire.

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