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Local Defense Lawyer in San Bernardino John Belton

Coming under fire in court is no laughing matter. Although you may be innocent of the crime, a judge may still make you do the time. There is nothing worse than coming to court and trying to represent yourself in matters that could lead to jail time. In these instances, taking the counsel of an attorney is your best option. Just how, though, can you benefit from a defense lawyer in San Bernardino?

What is a criminal defense attorney?

A criminal defense lawyer is one who fights for the rights of individuals and companies accused of crimes. He specializes in certain aspects of criminal law and, by doing so, becomes an expert in his craft.

Why you need a San Bernardino criminal defense attorney?

Perhaps you were caught red-handed while committing a crime. Maybe surveillance footage identified you as a primary suspect at the scene when you were resting in the comforts of home at the time. Both of these instances would be times when you need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. An attorney can cross-examine key witnesses and hire experts who persuade a jury and judge to see things from an angle that is different from the picture that the prosecuting attorney has painted.

What else does a defense lawyer do?

In addition to cross-examining witnesses, the criminal defense lawyer works with you and the prosecuting party to come to a deal that is overall acceptable. The plea bargain, as it is called in the legal realm, serves as a sort of middle ground where defense attorneys and prosecutors agree. The bargain essentially acknowledges the fact that a law was violated and seeks to rectify damages by making the parties responsible pay. Some plea bargains significantly reduce jail sentences and a few deals may not involve incarceration at all. Such agreements, however, are made at the sole discretion of the prosecutor after discussing the case with the defense attorney. It is fairly difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to discuss a plea bargain when you represent yourself in a criminal case, which is why you need a defense lawyer in San Bernardino and covering surrounding cities.

What happens when a conviction is made?

Your defense lawyer can certainly help in the unfortunate instance of you being found guilty of a crime. He can negotiate your sentence in a way that helps you re-enter society after your term has ended. Instead of, for instance, having you serve ten years in prison for a drug conviction, a judge, after being persuaded by your defense attorney, may decide to limit the amount of time spent incarcerated to five years and order you to serve out the remaining portion of your sentence via community service. Such arrangement gives you the opportunity to again become a contributing member in society.

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