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If You Have Been Charged With Theft

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If You Have Been Charged With Theft

If you have a theft charge for stealing an item or a certain amount of money, then you will probably want to invest in a criminal defense attorney. If someone charges you with this crime, it means they are going to take you to court to make you serve time, go on probation and/or pay some type of fine. Assuming you are convicted of the theft charge, of course, which is where your criminal defense attorney comes into play. A lawyer in your corner will help you to fight any charges of theft so that you have a better chance of staying out of jail or being penalized monetarily, as well as having your reputation sullied. As with most criminal cases, having defense lawyer to protect your legal rights is one of the most important steps you can take once you have been charged.

A good defense lawyer who will help defend you from a theft charge will be someone who has defended others who have been charged with theft in the past and has gotten them off. You will have to look into this defense lawyer's record of cases they have won and lost and also examine what the case entailed. Different theft charges yield different penalties, so some defense attorneys may be better for your case than others. For example, a defense attorney who has a track record defending people accused of auto theft may not be the best person to represent you if you've ben accused of embezzlement, as they deal with two different types of crime, each with their own complications. Find a lawyer who has successfully defended others who have been charged with a similar type of theft.

On top of knowing a lot about theft and having tried cases in this realm of criminal law in the past, having a good record of winning is obviously also another critical thing when choosing an attorney to represent you if you are charged with theft. An attorney could have all the experience in the world, but if they don't win regularly than that doesn't necessarily bode well for your case. Ask prospective criminal defense attorneys directly before settling on one and see who provides the most evidence of their past success in the courtroom and at the plea bargaining table. The decision of hiring a criminal defense attorney to protect you from charges of theft can be the difference between your freedom or your incarceration.