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Everybody dreads their day in court, and the only thing that makes it scarier is trying to face it alone. Here are X reasons why you need an El Cajon defense lawyer on your side.

1: Defense lawyers are the experts

Just as you'd want the best mechanic for your car and the best doctor for your child, you'll want the best defense when you've been accused. Your defense lawyer has years of training and experience. Their understanding of both the law and how the court system works will help bolster the solid defense strategy they develop for you. And if there is any kind of legal loophole that will help you out of this situation, your defense lawyer is the one who will find it.

2: Protection against penalties

An unfortunate reality of our legal system is that even those who innocent can be bogged down with eventual court fees and penalties from false charges. Your El Cajon defense lawyer will screen you against the prosecutors aiming for your wallet. In the event that you are found guilty or make a plea deal, your defense lawyer will also ensure that you receive fair sentencing, which potentially affects both your wallet and the quality of your life for years.

3: Resources at their disposal

Thanks to television shows such as Law and Order, it's easy to imagine your defense lawyer working alone all day and night. Fortunately, the reality is that your El Cajon defense lawyer has a staff, a network of contacts, and other important resources.  This means that there is an entire team that can help find witnesses, conduct interviews, prepare documents and gather evidence. When you want the strongest defense possible, it's comforting to know that you have an entire team dedicated to proving your innocence.

4: Friend and Confidante

Another side effect of court-focused TV dramas is that people don't always realize the mental and emotional effects all of this can have on you, both inside and outside the courtroom. Your El Cajon defense lawyer can provide advice and guidance on how to deal with emotions like fear, shame, and depression that may arise. They help to keep you strong at a time when you cannot afford to fall apart before a judge or a jury.