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Do you need a defense attorney? Facing criminal charges can be scary, and a defense lawyer can be a valuable ally to have on your side. A skilled attorney can be the difference between punishment and exoneration, the difference between jail time and community service. When you're faced with charges and you first Google search, Defense Attorney in Portland, the question is: To what extent do you need their help?

Serious Charges

If you are facing felony charges, something like armed robbery, then you will absolutely need a defense attorney to represent you in court. The district attorney's job is generally to get a conviction, not to determine whether or not you are guilty. A skilled defense attorney can ensure that you have a fair trial.

Minor Charges

You may or may not need a defense attorney to represent you in court if you are faced with certain misdemeanor charges, whereas infractions, such as traffic violations, tend to be less serious and will generally only net you a fine. In any event, if you are facing any charges at all, it's worth looking up a Defense Lawyer in Portland has to offer. They might not need to come to the courthouse in your defense, but the advice that an experienced attorney can provide is immeasurably valuable.

How A Defense Lawyer Will Help You!

When we see lawyers on television and in movies, we see the exciting part of the job, the trial. We see the way a lawyer uses their knowledge of the law to the advantage of their client. We see them push the prosecution and ensure that justice is done. That's part of the job, but it's only one part of the job. Talk to any Portland defense attorney and they'll likely tell you that most of the time they spend with clients revolves around dealing with pretrial issues and helping them to navigate the minefield of the legal system. Furthermore, they might inform you that, under the best possible circumstances, your case will simply be dismissed rather than going to court in the first place.

In short, any interaction with the law that doesn't end in a simple warning is one where you may want to talk to a defense attorney. You might never need them to represent you in court, but a consultation can put your mind at ease and help you to know what you need to do next.