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When people face criminal charges, they can represent themselves or hire a defense lawyer.  It is within their Constitutional rights to be represented by an attorney.  A defense lawyer will have a more thorough knowledge of the law and relevant cases, so it's usually best for defendants not to represent themselves.  A Chicago defense lawyer will help clients navigate the intricacies of the court system as no one else can.

A defense attorney will do everything necessary to prepare for trial.  This includes completing paperwork, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and doing legal research.  Witnesses are often hesitant to come forward when accused persons try to represent themselves, but they usually feel more comfortable talking to a lawyer.  Defense attorneys also investigate witnesses called by the prosecution, and can locate evidence to undermine their credibility to work in the defendant's favor.

A defense lawyer will help clients understand the details surrounding their case.  Attorneys know the terms of the laws and how they apply, as well as seemingly minor points that might otherwise be overlooked, but can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.  Defense lawyers can determine, for example, whether searches by police were lawfully carried out.   Defense attorneys are also well-versed in unwritten rules in certain jurisdictions that affect how quickly the case proceeds to trial or impact how long the accused remains in jail.  They know who to contact to get things done as efficiently as possible.

A Chicago defense lawyer can work with the court to negotiate a plea deal on behalf of a client.  While prosecutors are often reluctant to work with people who represent themselves, they will likely collaborate with a defense attorney.  Plea bargains minimize or eliminate prison sentences and may even reduce the charges brought against the defendant.

Defense attorneys can also advocate for alternative sentences for their clients.  For example, some one charged with a drug-related offense may be able to negotiate for a shorter sentence, spending the remainder of the time in a drug-rehabilitation program.  A Chicago defense lawyer works on behalf of clients to come up with appropriate sentencing plans.

Finding the best representation possible will achieve optimal outcomes.  A Chicago defense lawyer can provide the knowledge and guidance to give clients a professional, objective perspective.  Being well-informed will help defendants avoid encounters with the justice system in the future.

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