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Expert Attorney Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville

When faced with criminal charges anywhere in Florida, you want to have qualified legal counsel by your side when it comes time to answer to those charges.  Whether facing local, state, or federal charges, a conviction can severely impact not only your immediate freedom, but also the long term damage to your reputation, which can cost you employment opportunities, housing, and your civil rights for years to come.

DonÂt let a misdemeanor or felony conviction ruin your life when a defense lawyer in Jacksonville defendants can rely on is standing by to help you with your legal problems.  The first minutes following an arrest are critical, so you want to ensure that you donÂt inadvertently surrender any of your rights including the right to remain silent.                  

You Need Information after an Arrest

In the aftermath of an arrest, you need to gather as much information as possible regarding your rights and legal options moving forward.  It is crucial, that an early intervention by your local and aggressive Jacksonville, Florida criminal defense lawyer, starts to attack the state's case from day one.  While a public defender will outline the district attorneyÂs case against you, heavy caseloads and insufficient resources will seriously hamstring the amount of effort they apply to your case.  Indeed, only a criminal defense attorney, dedicated to your particular case, will parse through the details of the stateÂs case to find the best legal solution available for you in the aftermath of an arrest.

Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville

Any perusal of the local phone book will yield a litany of litigators and lawyers ready to take on your criminal defense case.  How do you choose the right attorney for your case?  Like any relationship, you will want to find a legal partner that you can trust.  Would you feel comfortable detailing inherently private and personal information to this individual?  Do they even show an iota of interest in your case?  Once you have identified an attorney that you feel comfortable in confiding to, examine their credentials to determine what kinds of cases they handle, their acquittal rate, and how long they have been practicing law in the Jacksonville area.  Criminal charges do not necessarily mean a criminal conviction, so you need to get the guidance of a criminal defense lawyer at your first opportunity following an arrest.