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Defense Attorney Philadelphia

A defense attorney is most often seen helping their client fight criminal charges. Anyone charged with a serious crime will do much better in court if they have a great defense attorney representing them. There are many advantages of using a defense attorney Philadelphia for a serious court case.

One of the charges that can be argued by this type of lawyer is a constructive possession charge. In order for a defendant to be found guilty of the charges the prosecutor on the case will be required to prove that the defendant was aware that there were illegal drugs present at the scene of the crime. An effective lawyer will make it as difficult a possible for the prosecutor in the case to prove this.

Constructive possession is not the only charge one might face when being associated with illegal drugs. A competent defense attorney Philadelphia can also help a defendant fight joint or actual possession charges. While almost any lawyer can prove actual drug possession rather easily, it is more difficult for them to prove joint possession. Yet a defense attorney Philadelphia with the juice to pull it off will often prevent their client from being charged with drug possession.

When faced with felony drug charges against their client, the best defense lawyer will prevent the charges from being drug out over a period of many years. They can ease the burden the case causes their client and they can also take steps to ensure that the case does not get progressively worse while it is playing out in court.

In the event that the charges against a defendant do stick, a defense attorney can usually work with the prosecutor to strike a plea bargain or other similar deal. When this happens, prison sentences can often be toned down so that the defendant doesn't face the maximum number of years he or she can be locked up. Nothing is more important than for a defendant to deal with the reality of their situation in a healthy way and this is something a defense attorney Philadelphia is skilled at assisting with. In the long run, this takes some of the stress off a defendant and makes their case easier to cope with. These are only the few of the benefits of obtaining an excellent defense but they are among the most important and significant benefits of all.