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Criminal Defense Lawyer St Louis

Facing the criminal justice system is something that requires a working knowledge of all of the concepts related to various aspects of the system. That knowledge isn't something that most people can acquire without proper education and training. If you are facing criminal charges in St. Louis, a criminal defense attorney can help you to learn your rights and ensure those rights are respected. A defense lawyer in St. Louis can also help you to explore your options for a defense strategy.

Protect your rights

If you are pulled over, questioned, detained, or arrested, you have rights that are set forth by the Constitution. One of those rights is that you can have an attorney present during any communication with law enforcement officers or court officials. You should exercise your right to have an attorney present as soon as possible. You must make your wish to have a defense lawyer in St. Louis know clearly and immediately. The more you talk with police officers or court officials without an attorney present, the more chance there is that you will say something that can be used against you in court.

You have the right to a speedy trial. Having an attorney on your side can help to ensure that your trial meets the local requirements for a speedy trial. That isn't to say that you should try to make your case go through as quickly as possible. Instead, it means that you shouldn't be subjected to unnecessary delays.
Explore defense strategies

A defense lawyer in St. Louis can explore your entire case. The behavior of law enforcement officers during a traffic stop, warrant service, or questioning might have an effect on your defense strategy options. If the law enforcement officers violated your civil rights, that violation might mean that some evidence against you won't be allowed in court. In some instances, it might mean that the charges against you will have to be dropped.

Once you have explored all the options for your defense with your attorney, you can decide on how you want to present your defense. In some cases, your case might not go to trial. Many people who are facing criminal charges are able to get their charges resolved through plea agreements. A criminal defense attorney can help you to explore that possibility.

It is lawful to face criminal charges without an attorney; however, that isn't something that should be done. The expertise of a criminal defense lawyer in St. Louis can help you to present your side of the story accurately while protecting your rights.

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