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A defense lawyer is your best weapon to fight the crime you have been charged with. Thinking you can handle it alone might not be in your best interest. After all, the lawyer will know the law in relation to the charge you are facing. He or she can advise you on the best way to handle the case. If you agree, and the plan sounds good to you, be cooperative and let the attorney plan the strategy of how to proceed.

While your case is pending, a good criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between whether you receive jail time, how excessive the fees are that you will have to pay, etc. Or if you are lucky and your lawyer can manage it, there may be lesser penalties.

The defense attorney is your ally, so make sure you treat him or her that way. Tell your lawyer your entire history as it relates to the case. Remember that you are relying on the defense lawyer to help you with your charge, and in turn, the criminal attorney is relying on you for help in relation to the information you provide. The lawyer needs the facts as you know them and be careful not to leave anything out. Since you both have a stake in the case and its outcome, being up front is most important. The attorney can only work with the details you have provided, along with the facts of the case and in return, the attorney will prepare his or her best defense for you.

Once you have hired an experienced criminal defense attorney, realize that you have now put your total trust in what he or she can do for you. Make sure you keep a good rapport between the two of you and that you are totally satisfied with how the case is being handled. If you have questions, ask. If you think of something that you feel is important and the lawyer should know, call. If the lawyer asks you for additional information, provide it. If your criminal defense attorney tells you he needs certain documents from you, give him copies of what you have.

When the date of the hearing comes up, try to project a professional image and demeanor. In this way, you show respect for the Court and the lawyer, which can only work in your favor.

Even if you are disappointed with the final outcome, remember that it's no reflection on the attorney's work, since no one can ever predict how a particular judge will rule.

Defense lawyers work in all aspects of law, as mentioned, so the more a defense lawyer knows about the particular areas of law that they defend their clients in, the better they will perform over the course of their careers. Experience is also incredibly important for any defense attorney, which means number of cases, successful cases and trial hours they have accumulated over their careers.